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Scrote likes France, and goes fairly often. Scrote has eaten some excellent meals there, sometimes in fairly unlikely looking establishments. Not all French cooking is as perfect as the French like to believe, and fast food in France can be just as bad as anywhere. But Scrote thinks any country which teaches its children about the appreciation of good food at school (it is in the curriculum) has got something right.

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Assiette de Charcuterie Gratin Dauphinois
Boeuf à laBourguignonne Pommes Lyonnais
Boeuf Flamande Porc à la Normande
Cassoulet Potage Bonne Femme
Champignons à l'Ail Potage aux Legumes
Champignons à la Grecque Potage Lorraine
Coq au Vin Quiche au Roquefort
Chicken Stock Quiche Lorraine
Croissants Ratatouille
Croque Monsieur Rillettes
Crudités Salade Niçoise
Soupe à l'Oignon
Oeufs Mornay Steak Haché
Langoustines avec Mayonnaise Tarte à l'Oignon Alsace
Omelette Piperade Vinaigrette