Who is Scrote?

the miserable old bugger himself

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The name of Scrote is almost invariably preceded by the words 'miserable' & 'old', although as far as can be ascertained Scrote is not in fact particularly ancient and he mostly seems to be about as happy as he is capable of being.

Scrotiness is a byword for cantakerous obstinacy and a certain carefulness with money. Scrote himself rarely speaks much, except when he is having an argument with someone, and freely admits that he has never really grasped what social niceties are for. However he is generous with his time and gives without stint of his advice, whether it is wanted or not.

Scrote is immensely evasive about himself, although he gives his views freely on other subjects, often before being asked. For some reason he refuses to accept that a job which can be carried out sitting down can really be called work, at least not within any usual meaning of the word. He also claims, for no very obvious reasons, that managers bring him out in a rash. It's probably an allergy, he says. Being an property agent, he adds darkly, would be a punishable offence too if he had anything to do with it.

Scrote himself doesn't hold much with new-fangled gadgets and distrusts anyone he thinks is trying to sell him something, but email will reach him eventually. Although whether he will reply is anyone's guess.