Great Britain Puddings & Sweets

Afters, desserts, sweet or pudding- call them what you will, they are not really the strong suit in the Scrote repertoire. Scrote himself is of course a bloke and therefore lacks the chocolate gene anyway. He lost his childhood sweet tooth long ago, and from up-bringing and inclination tends to start on the food immediately in front of him and keep eating it until he is full (or it runs out).

Deferred gratification is not really a concept he has ever got the hang of, except as an ideal, and he is generally unlikely to relinquish anything at hand in exchange for future promises. The novel idea of pacing himself for later tends to disappear out of the window as soon as he sits down to eat.

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Actually Scrote's favourite course is starters (hors d'oevres) literally in french, 'out of, or away from, the [main] works' as they are usually delicious, and he can often eat several things at once. However he knows to produce a dessert when he is entertaining, as he has been told this is expected. He almost always chooses the chocolate mousse, as it is devastatingly rich and very easy to prepare in advance.

Baked Apples
Apple Crumble
Chocolate Mousse
Egg Custard
Bread and Butter Pudding
Sticky Gingerbread
Bara Brith
Welsh cakes