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Here are a few authentic Welsh dishes from Granny Scrote, Old Scrote's even older mother who ought to know as she lived in Wales for a number of years and can in fact speak Welsh.

French Food

Anglesey eggs - wy au Sir Fon

For this you need 6 medium leeks; 2 tablespoons butter; 2 ozs grated strong cheese (mature Cheddar) + another 2 tablespoons; 8 hardboiled eggs; 1 lb hot mashed potatoes with salt and pepper; 1 tablespoon flour or cornflour; 1/2 pint milk.

Make the mashed potato first. Clean the leeks, chop into 1/2 inch pieces (with the green bits too), and cook them in boiling salted water for about 10 minutes. Strain the leeks and add them to the potato with half the butter and then beat the mixture with wooden spoon to pale green fluff. (Actually Scrote prefers to gently stew the leeks in the butter until they soften and then mash them and the butter into the potatoes.) Season to taste if it needs it. Line a large buttered pie-dish with leek/potato mixture, leaving a 'well' in centre.

Now make a cheese sauce. Warm rest of butter in a pan, add the flour and then the warm milk, beating to remove any lumps. Add the 2 ozs cheese and cook gently, stirring well until thickened.

Cut up the hard-boiled eggs, pile into the well in the leek & potato mixture, cover with cheese sauce. Sprinkle the remaining cheese over and bake in a hot (400 F) preheated oven until nicely browned.

Welsh rarebit - Caws Pobi

6 ozs strong Cheddar cheese; 1 tablespoon butter; 1-2 teaspoons Worcester sauce (to taste); 1 level teaspoon dry mustard, 2 teaspoons flour or cornflour; 4 tablespoons beer (about); 4 slices bread toasted on one side.

Put cheese, mustard, Worcester Sauce, butter and flour into saucepan and mix well, moisten with beer, but don't make too wet. Stir over gently heat until all is melted and become a thickish paste. Allow to cool a little while you make the toast.

Spread mixture on untoasted side and put under hot grill until bubbling.

A 'Buck Rarebit' is Welsh rarebit with a poached egg on top.

Welsh Teabread - Bara Brith

1 lb self-raising flour; 1 lb mixed dried fruit (currants, sultanas, raisins); 4 tablespoons sugar; 1 egg; 1/2 pint cold tea; 1 tsp mixed spice;

Mix the fruit, sugar and tea and leave overnight for fruit to swell. Sift the flour. Add the sugar fruit and spice and stir in together with well beaten egg. Line a loaf-tin with well buttered paper. Cook at 325 F for 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hours.

Turn onto wire rack. Brush with honey glaze if desired, while hot.

Welsh cakes

1 lb plain flour; 1 tsp baking powder; 10 ozs butter. 6 ozs sugar; pinch of salt; 6 ozs mixed dried fruit; 1/2 tsp spice (optional); 1 egg; a little milk.

Mix the flour baking-powder and salt. Rub in the butter. Add the sugar, spice and fruit. Mix in the egg and enough milk to make to the consistency of shortcrust pastry. (about 3 Tablespoons). Turn on to floured board and roll out to 1/2 inch thick. Cut into 3 inch rounds (large pastry cutter, or medium teacup).

Cook over medium heat on lightly greased griddle or bakestone. If you haven't got one, a flat fryingpan with a good thick bottom will do. Flip over when one side is done. Serve with butter or jam.